Your Guide to Beating The Financial Crisis

In late 2008 it became clear that many, if not all Americans, and indeed citizens of the global economy, were feeling the pinch of the financial crisis. During all of my call-in shows, the overriding emotion was anger at what had been allowed to transpire coupled with fear of the future. That's why I decided to write GIMME MY MONEY BACK.

Gimme My Money BackThis book is a primer to get you thinking about your financial health (if you haven’t already) and to provide simple, straightforward advice about how you can start making back the money you lost as a result of the recent financial crisis. And make no mistake, everyone lost money as a result of the events of the past several months.

Yes, it’s been a tumultuous time in the markets. Your 401K has definitely been affected and your retirement savings has been reduced. If you own a home, you’ve no doubt seen that equity take a hit. And all of this through no fault of your own.

So there is no doubt it’s a scary time to be an investor (and everyone who has plans on retiring some day is an ‘investor’ even if you don’t consider yourself one). But you have to remember that unless you plan on living off the spoils of a rich uncle or on winning the lottery, the markets (and there are many, many markets out there) are the most efficient, legal way to generate wealth and recoup what you’ve lost.

Velshi’s new book is essential reading for anyone who takes even a passing interest in their financial affairs

Dr. Stephen Leeb

The Complete Investor

Remember, the market’s don’t care how you got where you are, but they can help you climb out of the hole you find yourself in relative to where you were just a short time ago. GIMME MY MONEY BACK is a clarion call to all those wanting an easy to understand plan, with simple examples and easy-to follow guidance. In my book, you’ll lean:

  • Who’s to blame for the financial crisis, and how it affects your daily life
  • How you can take charge of your investment options immediately
  • How the markets work and why you need to be involved if you’re going to get your money back
  • How to determine your ‘risk tolerance’ based on your personality, your goals, your age and your time until retirement
  • How to set yourself up to avoid losing your money once you get it back
  • How to use mutual funds, index funds, ETF’s, stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles to speed up your own personal recovery
  • …and much more

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